Bud's Diver™ *
Bud's Diverâ„¢ *

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Bud's Diver™*

Wt: 3oz. Cannon Ball. Can be changed to suit your needs.

Color: Black, Clear, Orange, Chartreuse and Glow

Material: ABS

Dive Depth: Unlimited

Diver will run on port or starboard side of boat

Comes with 2 diverter fins, slow water and fast water. Use slow water diverter for hard pulling presentations or slow trolling situations and the fast water diverter for high speed light pulling presentations. Be sure to experiment

Bud's Diver™ is a revolutionary new trolling device that will place your lure in places no other conventional trolling system will.

Buds Diver™ was designed by a recreational salmon angler who was fed up with downriggers and other hard pulling divers that had to be attached to a fixed position on your line. Bud's Diver™ features a built in release that allows you to move your lure away from the diver thus allowing a stealthier presentation. Bud's Diver™ can also pull your lure off to the side away from your boat by utilizing its diverter fin no downrigger or diver can pull off this feat. This side diving ability allows you to create a massive spread, which greatly increases your ability to catch fish.

Hard pulling presentations are no match for Bud’s Diver™. To adjust for hard pulling presentations simply increase the weight of the cannon ball and adjust the diverter fin forward on the arm. A little goes along way so make small adjustments.

For depth control it’s best to utilize a line counter reel or use the pull method. Keep the diver at a 45-degree angle and use a 1’ to 1.5’ rule to determine depth. Example: 30’ of depth will require roughly 45’ of line.

Bud's Diver™ can also be utilized as a planer board when conditions are to rough to tow a traditional board. Simply move the cannon ball from the front deep dive hole to the shallow dive hole and downsize the cannon ball to 1oz or less. Then adjust the diverter fin forward and you have a subsurface planer that can handle any conditions.
*As of January 22, 2018 SBP, Inc. DBA AX Taxkle is no longer an authorized licensee to manufacture the diverting diver it has sold under its BUD'S DIVER trademark. AX Tackle purchased its remaining limited orginal inventory of diverting divers from an authorized third-party distributor, and resells the diver in same condition as it was in when it was first sold to AX Tackle

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Giant Chinook Salmon caught with a Bud's Diver!
Revolutionary New Trolling Device!
Bud's Diver used as a Dipsy Diver Release!